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Car Insurance For The Younger Driver

Young drivers are prime targets for high insurance, this is generally because they have had very little experience on the road and are deemed as a higher risk to be in an accident. Due to this, insurance for the younger driver is often very expensive. However there are ways that even young motorists can make savings on their car insurance.

The biggest mistake that the majority of younger drivers make when choosing their first car is to choose one which suits their image and not their pocket. While they visualise themselves running around in the latest model of sports car, this type of car is in the high insurance bracket. One of the factors which are taken into account when it comes to insurance is the model and engine size of the car. By choosing something less flashy a younger motorist can shave pounds off their already high insurance premiums.

Another way in which the younger driver can help themselves is by taking advanced driving lessons. There are special courses that be taken which can go a long way to prove that you are able to handle a car and that your safety record is excellent. This can make up for the fact that you have very little experience and lack of the necessary no claims bonus, which can only be gotten by time spent driving sensibly and safely.

Installing the latest security features on your car can also help you to reduce the amount you are quoted for your premium. Simply installing an immobiliser or keeping your car in a garage instead of by the side of the road can help to reduce your premium.

Finally the biggest savings can be found online as buying online can attract around 10-15% in discounts. Shopping online for your insurance gives you the ability to search through many insurers and to get instant online quotes for the exact type of insurance you are looking for. There are also many companies that will deal with the younger driver in particular and very often this is the best bet for new motorists to make great savings on their car insurance.

The savings the younger driver can make will of course depend on the type of insurance that they choose to go for. Third party, fire and theft is by far the cheapest and depending on the age of the car this could be the best choice for the younger driver when it comes to getting cheaper car insurance.

While fully comprehensive will cover you for most eventualities, it is the most expensive type of insurance, so thought should be given to the level of cover you require before conducting an online search to determine how much you could save.