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Car Insurance Uncovered

There are many ways in which you can make savings on your car insurance, the best, not to mention the quickest way to make sure you get the cheapest car insurance is to shop around for your insurance. You can do this yourself by going online or by getting a specialist insurance broker to do the legwork for you.

Things to bear in mind include combining your car and home insurance. There are companies who can offer savings by you taking both policies together. Sometimes you can make savings of around 40% on your car insurance simply by combining the two.

The safety features that are installed on your car can help bring your premium down. Simply by having top notch alarms and window etchings, you can attract huge savings.

Your postcode can make all the difference between the price you are quoted for your premium as certain areas and their postcodes are deemed as high risk crime areas and as such you pose a greater risk just by living in an area such as this.

Younger drivers will normally pay a higher price for their car insurance, due to their inexperience on their road and statistics that say they are more likely to be involved in an accident.

Women drivers – despite the man jokes about their driving – are classed as safer drivers and there are specialist sites aimed particularly with these people in mind who can offer discounted premiums.

If there is more than one driver and two or more cars in the family then you can get a great deal on your insurance by taking a package for two or more drivers. This can save you a whole lot on your insurance, which of course benefits the whole family of drivers.

One mistake that the majority of people make is to stay with their insurance company year after year and not even consider changing. People who don’t look around when it comes to renewing their insurance could be paying around 30% more than they should be for the same level of cover.

So when it comes to purchasing your car insurance don’t become complacent! By putting a little time and effort in to shopping around – or getting your broker to do it for you – can save you hundreds of pounds on your insurance.