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Car Insurance When It Comes To Driving Abroad

Driving abroad has always been the number source for jokes and we have all found them extremely funny, however the truth is that when it comes to driving abroad there is nothing funny about it when it comes to dealing with insurance matters.

If you are going abroad and hiring a car, then insurance matters aren’t really that big of a problem, however more and more people are now taking their own car to places such as France and it is here when insurance matters can be very confusing. Will you be covered by your existing policy and even if you are, are you covered for the same coverage that you are in the UK?

There is unfortunately no clear cut answer for this. While the majority of policies will cover you for driving abroad in the same way that your policy covers you in the UK there are sometimes different rules and regulations. European law differs slightly to ours and only the very minimal amount of cover is needed. In reality in most countries this level of cover is about the same as the third party cover which we have in the UK.

So while you will be covered for driving abroad the fact of the matter is that you will only be covered for such as damage or injury to the other party and not yourself. It is worthwhile checking with your insurance company as some companies will give you what is called a ”top-up” for your insurance if you are going to be driving abroad.

A top-up such as this will usually cover you as fully comprehensive for up to a period of 30 days, which of course will cover you for all eventualities whilst driving abroad.

There are some companies which will offer European cover for those who go abroad regularly as a part of a standard policy so when it comes to renewing your insurance policy this is something worth considering.