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Cheap Car Insurance For The Woman Driver

Since car insurance, or some form of proof of financial security, is required throughout America, it is no surprise that we try to find the cheapest car insurance available. However, for the woman driver, finding cheap car insurance is not such a difficult task.

As sexist as it may sound, a woman driver tends to get a cheaper car insurance quote than a man driver. Of course, this is not because car insurance companies tend to favor women; it is not even because car insurance companies actually believe that driving skills could possibly be based on a driver’s gender. It is the statistics that show, in general, a woman driver is much safer and more cautious than a man driver.

Women drivers are more likely to pass their driver licensing exams on the first try than men drivers. This does not mean women drivers are smarter than men drivers, but it might mean that women take more initiative to study and practice for the exam.

Women drivers aren’t involved in as many accidents as men drivers. This may mean they’re more cautious drivers; it may mean they choose safer cars. It may also mean that they’re lugging around precious cargo such as children.

The motor vehicle-related accidents that women drivers are involved in often don’t cause as much damage as motor vehicle-related accidents men drivers are involved in. This probably goes along with being cautious and driving safer vehicles, as well.

Women drivers also don’t commit as many motor vehicle-related crimes as men drivers. Who knows why this is a statistic, but it is. For some reason, the majority of motor vehicle-related crimes are committed by men.

These statistics are in no way sexist, nor is the commentary that follow them. But, thanks to these statistics, it’s much easier for a woman driver to obtain cheap car insurance than it is for a man driver to obtain cheap car insurance.