car insurance policy premiums

Premiums on Car Insurance Policy

The insurance companies’ factor in age, gender, vehicle performance, driving history and region where you live when considering coverage and insurance costs, including premiums: Following the analysis, the agent will calculate the results, thus estimating the premium cost. Statistics have revealed that certain age groups are at higher risk than others while driving are. Thus, the companies aware of this statistic will often increase premiums on the age groups 18 to 25. However, if you drive with caution and do not submit any claims then the company may reduce the premiums over time.

Gender at one time made a difference for females, however new studies have shown that males are more probable to be in an accident over women drivers. Thus, the high-risk candidates then are males, often between the ages 18 to 35. The insurance company will also consider the make and model of you car. If you have a high maintenance, high performance or classic vehicle, then most likely you will be paying higher premiums.

The classic, high maintenance and high performance vehicles, including certain trucks are more costly to repair; therefore, the premiums are a source of security for the insurance company. In other words, the company is calculating the premiums over a timeframe, hoping against hope that you will not get into an accident until you have paid x amount of cash to the company, which they will have for compensation if you are in an accident.

The company will also consider you driving history, including accidents, claims, incidents, arrests, tickets and so forth. If you present a high risk then the premiums are calculated accordingly. On the other hand, if you driving record are clean then your premiums will be lower. The company will also consider the amount of miles driven each year. If you drive more than 15,000 miles in a year then the premiums are increased often. However, if you drive 10,000 or fewer miles in a year, then you are considered a low risk candidate for insurance and your premiums are often lower.

The region in which you live is also considered by the agent offering car insurance. If you are living in an environment that poses threats then you will pay higher premiums for coverage. The costs are calculated by repairs, parts, replacement parts, worth of car, security level, and “the acceleration of the vehicle.” If during the accident you were driving faster than the speed limit allowed, then you have a share of responsibility in the accident, regardless if it was entirely not your fault. Finally, the agent calculating the details will conclude the evaluation based on a “sliding scale” and then the premium cost is finished.

What happens under the NO Claim Discount and what if I am driving my company’s car during an accident?

Few insurance companies’ offer discounts for safe driving. Therefore, drive safe and always wear your seatbelt to receive your discount. If you are submitting a “No Claim Discount” then you will need “Original Renewal Notice” from the preceding insurer. You will also need to provide the policy, ‘original certificate’ and other details to the company if you are switching insurance policies. If you are driving your company’s car and in an accident you will need proof of the claims, including ‘claims and losses,’ based on ‘fault and no fault’ status, and dates the accident occurred, policy id, and other information, including the company’s name and insurance information. You will also need a confirmation from your company that you were authorized to drive the vehicle. If any discounts are available, they will be lost in this event.

In conclusion, we can see that insurance policies have various aspects before costs are considered. Thus, if you are in the high-risk age group you may want to go online and get several quotes, since some insurance companies’ specialize in this category. If you are a high-risk driver or male, you will also want to achieve several quotes to avoid paying high premiums. Actually, everyone should get several quotes to avoid high premiums, since many insurance companies vary with cost.