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Save Money On Young Driver Car Insurance

A study recently released has revealed that the average driver in Britain will be involved in a car accident every six and a half years. When balanced out, that equates to every individual being the victim of nine accidents during their life. It seems a truly staggering statistic, and one that most people are unlikely to walk away from without suffering an injury at some point.

Even if you manage to avoid damaging yourself in all nine accidents, the likelihood is that your car will come off slightly less healthily. And that’s why there’s such a need for proper car insurance cover. The Government have announced that they want to cut the number of car accidents by 40% by 2010, a big target but one that they feel is achievable. With driving tests becoming stricter, it is the young drivers of Britain who are being tasked with realizing the objective; after all, they are the ones who are involved in the most amount of accidents. But it is not just to satisfy Government targets that young drivers should improve their driving habits, it is for the sake of their own wallets too.

A result of the terrible reputation that they have means that young driver car insurance is horrendously expensive when compared to a motorist of more mature years. Some of the balance can be re-addressed by buying a motor insurance policy from a firm that deals specifically with young driver car insurance, and so is able to offer a significant discount, but the fact remains that young drivers will have to pay a large amount in order to insure their car. If the Government’s 40% reduction in accidents is achieved, then in the future young driver car insurance will be more in line with that of older drivers. But until that time, there are several ways that young motorists can reduce their premium, and Hoot Car Insurance Services, specialists in providing young driver car insurance, have revealed a few tips that are guaranteed to save a couple of quid.

One of the best ways to get a cheap car insurance premium is to enroll on an advanced driving course. The idea might seem like a massive hassle after all the driving lessons that you’ve already done, but it really will be worth it to save the money. And on top of that, the courses do teach some important skills that standard driving lessons just don’t offer.

Instead of having your own motor insurance, it might be tempting to become a named driver on a parent’s policy. Bad idea. It might save a little bit of cash now, but in the long-term you’re only going to lose out- and lose out big style. A no claims discount is one of the most important things that a driver can have to get cheap car insurance, and by becoming a named driver you won’t get one. As a result, a few years down the line when you do finally get your own motor insurance, instead of having a nice cheap premium because of your years of no-claims, you’ll have to start from scratch and pay out for an expensive policy. It’s just not worth it.

Ensuring the security of your vehicle is something that car insurance companies like to hear, and so will give you a discount if you can show that your car is not a thief’s paradise. Keep it in a garage, but if that’s not possible then a driveway will do- anything to keep it off the street. Invest in a steering lock, an immobilizer and an alarm, and if you really want to get a cheap car insurance policy, get hold of a tracker too. On top of these few industry secrets, the one thing that you can do to keep your young driver car insurance premium at a low is simple. Drive sensibly.

Speeding points in your first few years of driving really rack up the price of motor insurance, as does any accident that you’re unlucky enough to be involved in. Drive carefully, follow the few tips above and be sure to buy your policy from a firm that specializes in young driver car insurance, and you’re guaranteed to save a lot of money. Money that can be better spent on far more interesting things than boring old car insurance.