Car Insurance

Tips To Reduce Your Car Insurance

You have probably seen a huge rise in the number of car insurance companies offering their services. From TV adverts, to leaflets through your door, to radio jingles, the list goes on.

It may seem a little frustrating when renewal time comes. The choices out there are huge. Do you go for this company because they are offering a free key fob with every cover – or this one because you like the sound of their jingle. Neither, there are many ways to find the best car insurance policy a few tips we will cover here.

First; a car alarm will not only frighten off the thief’s, but also help lower your insurance. An immobilizer has the same affect and better still an alarm, immobilizer AND garage parking. The safer your car the less chance of theft or damage caused by theft.

Second; when you have passed your test the first thing usually recommended to you by your instructor is advanced lessons or advanced course. You may think ‘I’ve already passed, I don’t need to’ but insurance companies treat your devotion to safer driving seriously. Not only will it help you with your skills, but will save a few pounds.

Third; shop around. There are a number of companies, and with competition comes price wars. Insurers are looking for your business, don’t be afraid to try and haggle on price. If not you could try an online company, e.g., who will contact a number of leading insurers to get you the best quote.

Fourth; buy your car insurance over the internet. Many car insurers are offering discounts of around 10% simply for buying online. If your car insurance is usually £800, you save £80 instantly buying online – well worth logging on for!