new driver car insurance tips save money

New Driver Car Insurance – Tips To Save Money With Your New Driver

As a new driver, expect to pay more for your car insurance than you would if you were an older more experienced driver. All is not lost, however, there are things you can do to take the sting out of the cost of insurance and lower your rate.

1.Vehicle: Stay away from brand new, very expensive, very fast, sport cars. Expensive cars cost more to insure, the more horse power, the higher and the premium. Go for something that is older, with many safety features. Companies offer discounts for features like automatic seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock brakes.

2.Drivers Education: As a new driver, it will help your insurance rate if you take an approved drivers safety course. Chat with your insurance agent before taking the course. You want to make sure that they recognize and approve of the institution offering the class. Aside from getting good driving information, you do want to get the insurance premium discount so make sure that it is one accepted by your insurance carrier.

3.Sober Driving: This is a no brainer, but needs to be said. Driving while under the influence is not only dangerous, but costly in more ways than one. If you are stopped with a DUI, not only will your insurance rates increase, if you are under aged, it is illegal and your insurance company may void your coverage.

4.Student Drivers: If you’re a new young driver that is still in school, maintaining good grades (B average or above) may earn a discount of up to 25% of your insurance premium.

5.Talk to your agent. Your insurance agent is aware of various discounts offered by the insurance company. You might qualify for some of them, but you won’t know unless you ask.

6.Compare: Get quotes from more than one company. Shop around.

Hang in there. You’re only new once; rates will go down with driving experience.